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Our Story

The 1854 Cycling Company was founded in 2016 as a way to end a generational cycle of poverty by creating living wage jobs for the formerly incarcerated. By combining bicycles – traditionally associated with coming of age and the independence that comes with it - and the abolitionist movement of 1854, 1854 Cycling stays true to its dedication to liberty and freedom by empowering public servants to better serve their communities.

Better vehicles for a brighter tomorrow

1854's Bowditch bike marks a pivotal first step in repairing the rift between communities and the sectors that serve them. On the Bowditch, officers have the ability to personally interact with people without sacrificing the mobility and access to support tools and technology they need to protect and serve.

For the people

1854 empowers police reform and public service by reestablishing trust within the community through unarmed community patrols. On 1854 bikes, responders have better access to underserved sectors and a sustainable presence within their communities.

Cycling for change

Freedom from poverty, freedom from fear. 1854 continues to innovate and develop vehicles for lasting, sustainable change around the country.

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